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Woohoo! The Sweet-Ass Brewpot Is Here!

I got the notice that a package was waiting for me at the apartment office just after they closed on Friday so I had to wait until Saturday morning to tear into it, but damn was it a beautiful sight! Now I’m the proud owner of a 40lb 15G brewpot. :)

I did a test fill/drain on it with 5G of warmish water and it seals really well. It looks like some siphoning will be needed to get the last little bit, but that’s no big deal.


After the 15G brewpot setup is complete with the burner setup and mash tun, the next step will be a ginormous steel fermenter like this bad boy:

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Stiff Cider

After doing some reading on I decided on trying a recipe for apple-cherry cider that sounds pretty amazing. (Thanks RICLARK!)

4G apple juice
1G cherry juice
1# light brown sugar
1# cane sugar
2 packets champagne yeast

I’ll just be doing a half batch, mainly because I only bought 2G of the apple juice at costco today and there’s no way in hell I’m going back again to buy more.  The whole trip is made better by the amex pimps at the entrance and the exit too. (Sure I’ll take a free bottle of water for a 20% interest credit card. That’s a great f’ing deal!)

Anyways, I’ll post some pics when it gets brewing tomorrow. A link to the original recipe is below.

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IBU calculations

I learned something today thanks to a question from Alex about the IBU figure on the stout recipe I posted.  It always seemed to me like the IBU figures were totally arbitrary, but apparently there is a formula on wikipedia here and a great explanation of it on the “How to Brew” website (a supplement to the book that kicks ass.) If you’re looking for a solid brewing book, I’d highly recommend it.

Next time I’ll calculate it out but I don’t have the AA figure for the hops now.  According to the wikipedia link, the 60 IBU figure is definitely on the high side but not too crazy.  All this talk about beer is really making me want to drink one, so the figure will just have to wait for now.

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Drunk in Dublin Stout

This is really tasty and has a fairly high ABV content of ~6.1%. It beats the hell out of Guinness, especially with the dry hopping — more to follow on that. :

Steeping grains:

8oz Crystal 80L malt
1# Black Barley malt
1# Flaked Barley (unmilled)

6# Dark Dry Malt

1oz Nugget hops at boil (1oz for dry hop)

Irish Ale Yeast (White Labs or equiv.) or
Safale S-04 dry yeast


1tsp Gypsum at boil
1tsp Irish Moss at 45 mins into boil
.75cup of bottling sugar at bottling time

We pretty much followed the recipe we got from the homebrew store on this one, except for the dry hopping that I highly recommend.

Beer specs:

5Gal batch size

OG: ~1.064 (unverified since we keep breaking hydrometers)

FG: ~1.018

ABV: ~6.1%

IBUs: ~60

Boil Time: 60 mins

Drunk in Dublin Stout

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